Maithree has developed a structured special education programme that is designed to augment the inherent potential of a child with Intellectual Disability ranging right from its birth to eighteen years of age. This eventually evolves into a work culture and ensures that the child develops a meaningful livelihood.

Features of the Education Plan

  • Individualised Education Program (IEP) is structured to teach each child with his unique special needs

  • Teaching staff are qualified, special educators.

  • No child is rejected as all children are admitted all around the year

  • Being an association essentially built by parents, many parents have been motivated and have undergone formal training to be qualified teachers recognized by the RCI

  • Teaching methods are communicated to parents as parents are partners in training the child and there is absolute transparency in the choice of methodology

  • Facilitates in performing activities of daily living and learning functional academics for economic empowerment.

  • Assists parents in training and managing their children.

  • Enables the child to be included and accepted as members of society.

Functional training

This training is mainly on assisting the child to learn skills to perform activities of daily living (ADL) and this develops a sense of independence when the child performs them with competence.

Functional Academics

Teaching through functional real-life activities and situations like reading, writing, functional maths such as time, money, management and other concepts useful in living in adult years.


Provided by professionals interwoven with Special Education; Physiotherapy to overcome challenges in motor functions; Occupational therapy for sensory integration; Speech therapy for effective communication of their needs.

Co-curricular Activities

Visual arts, performing arts, crafts, sports and games, celebrations, outings, yoga and physical education enhance the overall development of the child.