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Maithree, an association of parents of exceptional children is an institution committed to the welfare of persons with mental retardation. The objective of Maithree is to provide an array of services encompassing the entire life span of the special child / person. What is unique about Maithree is that, it is an organisation "OF THE PARENTS, BY THE PARENTS AND FOR THE PARENTS," and Maithree's dream is to become a movement that would ensure integration of the special persons in the society thereby bringing dignity to their lives.

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The facilities of the school are so wonderful and satisfy both parents and children. It's designed as a child-friendly place. The spacious room with large windows brightens up the atmosphere.

Mr.Raja, Chennai.

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Maithree is an organization formed by the parents, to take care of the needs of the special children with a vision to integrate the persons with mental handicap into the mainstream in order to bring dignity in their lives. Uniqueness of Maithree is that it develops parents as professionals and administrators in this field, advisors and counselors for the needy, service providers.